Sunday, August 11, 2013

August Tutorial

Hi everyone!!  There will be an August tutorial, it's just going to be a little late.  I have to go to Chicago to cat sit for my daughter and son-in-law. 
TTUL   Kris


  1. Hi Kris! Cats are important and a trip to Chicago sounds like fun!
    I have just been to Brae's blog and did a walk through of her Haunted Heritage Parlor where she has featured the arm chair that you have made for her. Your work is Incredible and the chair you made is a perfect fit! Well done!


  2. Have fun with your Grandcat :) Im sure it will be very happy to see you.


  3. Hi Kris

    I hope you had a wonderful summer...Okay, some left we hope!!

    Cats are so wonderful, cute and fine company, we have two ourselves, one for each of our sons, but great company for me i the daytime where boys and husband are out of the house at job and school.
    To cat-sit your grand-cat could lieve a little room for cat-thoughts!
    Just a thought, a challence for your little gray cells: Would you think about making a fun "thing/item" for the cat in the DH. Could be just a very small project in midtime between two bigger projects from you.

    Take care dear friend

  4. I have two cats myself. I'm very attatched to them I probably would have someone cat sir them in the event I go out for a few days. Enjoy!