Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TWO TIER DESSERT DISH - How to make a 1 inch scale two tier dessert dish from card stock.

This month I thought I would make a dessert dish to hold mademoiselle's bonbons or in this case brownies.

This was fun figuring out what techniques to use and show you.

If you want something more refined than the card stock plates you can use the white plastic ones available from Hobby Builders and a head pin from the beading department for the center stem.  The process is about the same.  I am not showing that, I am making the dishes from card stock.  Just offering another suggeston.

I am going to use my circle template for shaping and tracing the plates.

Cut squares from card stock.  I cut several, this became addicting to do.

Spray the square with water a couple of times.  You don't have to drench the card stock just get it wet.

For the center of the larger plate I used the 1/2" circle.  Lay the wet card stock onto the circle template and with your fingers or thumb shape the depression.

For the center of the small plate I used the 3/8" circle.
Lay the wet card stock onto the circle template and shape the depression.

Set the squares off to dry.

Just a note, you can use other sizes of circles, it depends on what size of rim you want.

While the card stock is drying we will make the center stem.
I used crochet thread, this is Coats and Clark Knit-Cro-Sheen.  I also used scrap paper and wood glue.

I cut a strip of paper wider than I want the height of the center stem to be, 1 1/2" to 2".  I cut a length of crochet thread a little longer than that.
Spread wood glue on one end of the paper and lay the thread on the glue.

Fold the paper over the thread with the thread in the fold.

Run your fingernail along the thread, pressing down and against the thread.  Turn the whole thing over and do that again.  I do this a few times, stretching the paper over the thread.
Set this aside to dry.

When your card stock is dry use the template to trace the plates.  For the large plate I used the 3/4" circle and for the small plate I used the 5/8" circle.

I have my large and small plates traced.

I have cut the plates out.

To hold the plates for painting I use sticky wax, (this is available from Hobby Builders) on the end of a toothpick.  I cut a tiny bit of the point off the toothpick and then add the wax.

Anybody remember the Ed Sullivan show?  Remember the plate spinner guy?
I painted my plates before I went to bed and had them all lined up.  I left them on my table, bad idea.  The cats got to nosing around during the night and bit a couple!

You don't have to get fancy with the painting.  If you are going to be putting food, pretty desserts, on the plates you don't want to detract from that.  I will paint a gold line around the edge and I'm done.

When the paper is dry on the center stem cut the thread part away from the rest of the paper.  Cut very close, tip your blade toward the thread.

Trim off the crochet thread from each end.  Bend the tip over a toothpick to make the handle.

I used wood glue to glue the end to the stem.

You will have to clamp the end.  The wood glue won't stick quickly.

I tried tacky but it came apart when I painted the center stem.

Set this aside to dry.

When the center stem is completely dry bend the ring over to have it set in the center of the stem.

I brushed on DecoArt's Triple Thick gloss glaze.  You could also spray the plates with a glossy varnish.

I painted the center stem gold.


Pierce a center hole in the small plate.  I used a "T" pin.  I pushed into a scrap of foam core so I could get the full diameter of the pin for the hole.

Thread the small plate onto the center stem.  I dabbed a little tacky glue under the plate and then moved the plate up and down to spread the glue.  Level the plate and set aside to dry.

Go back to your circle template and trace a 1/2" circle onto card stock.

Cut it out.

Pierce a hole in the center of the large plate.

Thread the large plate onto the center stem.

Trim off the center stem to the height you want the space between the plates to be.

I used wood glue for the bottom.  Spread the glue around a bit with a toothpick on the depression area.

Set the whole thing down on the 1/2" card stock circle you cut out earlier.  Press down with your tweezers to seal.

Your two tier dessert dish is ready to be filled with beautiful treats!

I had fun doing this, I hope you will try it out.

As always,

Have fun, Expand on it, Make it better,


  1. Bonito tutorial. Estupendas imágenes. Gracias.

  2. What a cute project! Thank you so much! By the way, you should try using Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue. It's so much better than the original tacky glue. It does not even compare. I use it for so many things. I installed all my siding and shingles on my house with it and it just sticks right away, taping was not even required. Before I go, I just want to mention that cats are so amusing, aren't they. My daughter has two and she so often makes me laugh when she talks about the things they do.

  3. Hi Kris! I think that this is one of the best tiered plate tutorials that I have seen. I like the way you made your plates. I have seen them done in Fimo where the plate was first cut out and then the depression added over a mold but you have done the reverse and made the depressions first and then cut out the plate and with Great Results! I shall have to give this method a try out. It looks like a lot of fun. I used to make these back in the mid 90's with the plastic dishes but that got to be pricey after a while plus they were somewhat small. I like the size options and the availability of materials of yours and best of all they look really good!


  4. Inmejorable forma de hacer platos,quedan fantásticos!!! Muchas gracias de nuevo por compartir tus ideas!!

  5. Bonita idea y buen trabajo.

  6. Muchas gracias, un magnífico tutorial. Saludos.

  7. Dear Kris,
    Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna try this one time. The plates look so amazing well. You're a real master with cardboard.
    Greetings Dorien

  8. Quedan fantásticos!!! Muchas gracias por la idea y por enseñarnos a hacerlos. Besitos

  9. Hello Kris,
    Terrific tutorial. thank you so much. Once again your blog always gets me dreaming.
    Big hug,

  10. You are simply brilliant Kris, I don't comment and give you compliments enough! When I get a chance, maybe during the winter, I'm going to come back to your blog and read through every single one of your fabulous tutorials. I bought a huge sheet of mattboard from Michaels, it was on sale. I can make this cake stand and use it as a display stand for the miniature toiletries I make!

  11. c'est facile, amusant à fabriquer, utile et joli au final !
    Merci Kris !

  12. Kris
    this is the best tutorial ever and I have everything I need to make it. thank you so much for sharing all your talents I really appreciate it.


  13. That is brilliant! Thanks for sharing! Hannah

  14. No deja de asombrarme la facilidad con que haces las cosas. Nos inspiras para ponernos inmediatamente a repetirlo... como si fuera tan sencillo.
    Gracias por la generosidad tan grande que tienes al compartirlo con el mundo entero.
    Un beso muy grande

  15. Un tutorial fabuloso, gracias por compartirlo.
    Un abrazo.

  16. Great project, thanks for sharing your techniques - very inspiring. You make things look so easy!

  17. Oi Kris,
    Obrigada pelo tutorial, especialmente dos pratos, foi uma boa dica para mim.
    Abraço de Fernanda.

  18. You are amazing! and the most generous miniature maker. Thank you!

  19. Thanks for this amazing tutorial.
    Greetings, Faby

  20. Thank you so much for all the great projects! I've made the Cathedral Radio, bread box and French Chase so far, the bed is next. My grandkids are amazed by my card stock/mat board furniture. You are a true Master of the Mini.

  21. Una idea fantástica, gracias por compartirlo:-)

  22. Hi Kris, Thanks for all the nice tutorials!! The idea of using matboard was new for me. I've finished my kitchen last week and i've made the stove, the cabinets and the sink from matboard. I'm very pleased with the result. If you like to see what I've done : http://rietjespoppenhuis.blogspot.com
    Sorry it's Dutch :)

  23. Hi Kris We made these last year in a group only we use preprinted plates that you punch out. We did some one tier and some 2 and 3 tiers and used eye pins for the center and a sequence piece on the bottom with 3 clear tiny seed beads for little feet. I really like you plate idea!! Thanks again!

  24. Estupendo tutorial gracias por compartir besosss