Friday, December 21, 2012


What can I say . . . . except I have the greatest followers!!

Other names may be:  mount board, book board, illustration board or birstol board.

In Danish: passepartoutkarton and it may be sold in artists shops.

And . . . . someone looked on Danish e-bay and found some for sale in A-4 size.

So, I hope this helps because you have got to start building some furniture!

You all have a great holiday season and I'll see'ya next year . . . . . . . . Kris


  1. Mis mejores deseos para estas fiestas y para el próximo año nuevo, gracias por todo lo que nos enseñas en tu blog :)

  2. Yo tambien te deseo unas maravillosas fiestas y darte las gracias por tus magníficos tutoriales.

  3. Thank you for your generosity, for sharing your tutorials. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year x

  4. Im not sure you got my thank you note and my Lap Top went "down"/"out of order" for several days again, again....I hope to get it repaired or buy a new one in year!!
    Sounds so far away said on January first, but late 2012 its right around the corner!!
    Dear Kris and Kris`s followers

    THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH for kind help with the mat board, now I know what to look for/ask for at the shop....And also find a place to buy the more thic item.

    Once again I`m amased of the miniaturist people. Every time one asks for help one gets it right away. There`s no hesitation. To think if we all acted liked that every day of the year and for everybody....There would be no wars, killings and other violence. It would be a more wonderful world to live in.
    Maybe we should all start to act like that starting now!!

    Dear Kris,I wish you the most wonderful and happy new year.

    And Kris... Cant wait to see all the projects you have in mind for us.

    I wish you the very best!!!!

  5. I totally agree Susanne!!! Happy New Year Everybody!!!