Thursday, December 20, 2012

Denmark needs mat board

I am hoping my followers can help out a fellow miniaturist.  This miniaturist lives in Denmark and can not find mat board.

I am told your Google is different than mine.  Mat board may also be called something different.

What I am calling mat board is used to "mat" photographs when framing.  It's the 1/16 inch thick piece of card board that is under the glass, then the photograph is under the mat board, the mat board will have a hole cut out so you can see the photograph.  It is used to enhance or decorate the photograph's edge.   It can come in colors, I use the white.  Businesses that frame pictures usually will have this product.  Art supply stores may also carry mat board.

Can anyone help with the Google search and post the answer?  I will keep a watch and publish a post.

Thank you,  Kris


  1. If you look for "mount" board, that may help. I had a quick look on the Danish ebay and there was a pack of A4. Good luck with your search.

  2. En français : carton pour passe-partout chez la marque Canson

  3. It may be called something else there.
    Some other names for mat board are book board, Davey board, illustration board and Bristol board. I hope that is helpful.

  4. In Dutch: passepartoutkarton (what a great scrabble word!).

    1. PS: Google translate says the translation for the Dutch passepartoutkarton in Danish is.....Mat board! It couldn't be that easy, could it?

  5. The danish word is also passepartoutkarton, often spelled in two words passepartout karton. It is sold in artists shops.

  6. ..forgot to say, that I am danish ;-)

  7. In the UK we call it Mount Board as Irene correctly stated (for the UK).

    Michelle :o))