Friday, February 24, 2012


I am glad this tutorial got all of your creative juices flowing!  Be sure to look up the other way to antique the cabinets.  IT DOESN'T CALL FOR WAX.  I believe it's under Making a kitchen dresser from mat board.

For 1/2 scale, I would use the mat board for the cabinets.  For the doors try to find something thinner, poster board?  You don't have to make the whole thing, try making a door first, use a couple of layers of card stock for the second layer on the doors.  I wouldn't worry about sanding the shape on the poster board or card stock, I don't think it could be done with satisfaction.  Finish the door to see if it will take the paint and other finishes.   Be sure to seal the edges of the poster board.  If this works than I would go ahead and  make your 1/2 scale kitchen cabinets.



  1. you are the best Kris..inspiration queen for sure xx J

  2. Hi Kris! I'm making the kitchen cupboards. I'm finishing up the base now, waiting for the gesso on the sink to dry and I'm ready to paint the cabinet and the countertop. I'm so nervous tho. I can't decide on colors and I'm afraid that I'm missing something and I may ruin it. Do you have any additional hints or things to be careful of before I start to paint? I applied polycrylic to the sink before applying the gesso. Do you recommend doing that to the matboard base before I paint it also? I'm really nervous. Any help would be appreciated. I'm going for a shabby chic look and am just stuck on what colors would work for that on the base and the counter. Maybe an antiqued winter white or ivory for the base then what about the counter. Any ideas? Thank you! Carolyn

  3. Thanks for the help. I'll give it a shot. I'll have to wait till I have the house built first though before trying to build cabinets in case I really have to adjust sizes.