Monday, January 31, 2011

Look what Caterina did ! !

Caterina ( gave me an award!  Thank you Caterina.  I did not know awards were given so this is such a nice surprise.  I've gone to the blog where it originated, ( and understand what a kind gesture this is.  If  you have not been to either of these blogs do go and have some fun as I did.

My mini friends, I must explain something to you.  I do not follow any blogs.  Is that heresy in the blogging community?  I don't mean ill will, honestly.  Before I started this thing called "1 inch minis"  I investigated some mini blogs.  I abandoned my idea of a blog.  The blogs were all so beautiful, interesting, so many things included.  I did not think I could keep something like that up.  But my need for sharing got the best me and I jumped in anyway, keeping the blog simple.  I didn't even have a digital camera when I started, that's why the first "how-tos" do not have step by step pictures.  My son took a photography class and I shared the cost with him to share the camera.
I decided after I started the blog that I would try not to visit any blogs unless there was a specific reason.  I didn't want to be influenced, to copy or just to feel I wasn't doing a good job in my blogging. 
I have an obligation to full fill in accepting this award, I must award 5 blogs for their creativity and contribution to the blogging community.  Would it be cheating if I would ask you to nominate blogs for me.  I have reviewed a very few profiles, and I find that you all follow a lot of blogs.  This community is such a kind, caring and sharing one.  I looked up community and I found "fellowship" listed, this word fits what is here, doesn't it?  I've always been a loner, not a joiner, arms length type of person.  But I love to teach, just didn't stay in school long enough.
Do you think this would be in the spirit of the award if I would follow the blogs nominated for a while and choose from those?  We could keep it confidential if you would like, just use my e-mail.