Monday, January 31, 2011

Look what Caterina did ! !

Caterina ( gave me an award!  Thank you Caterina.  I did not know awards were given so this is such a nice surprise.  I've gone to the blog where it originated, ( and understand what a kind gesture this is.  If  you have not been to either of these blogs do go and have some fun as I did.

My mini friends, I must explain something to you.  I do not follow any blogs.  Is that heresy in the blogging community?  I don't mean ill will, honestly.  Before I started this thing called "1 inch minis"  I investigated some mini blogs.  I abandoned my idea of a blog.  The blogs were all so beautiful, interesting, so many things included.  I did not think I could keep something like that up.  But my need for sharing got the best me and I jumped in anyway, keeping the blog simple.  I didn't even have a digital camera when I started, that's why the first "how-tos" do not have step by step pictures.  My son took a photography class and I shared the cost with him to share the camera.
I decided after I started the blog that I would try not to visit any blogs unless there was a specific reason.  I didn't want to be influenced, to copy or just to feel I wasn't doing a good job in my blogging. 
I have an obligation to full fill in accepting this award, I must award 5 blogs for their creativity and contribution to the blogging community.  Would it be cheating if I would ask you to nominate blogs for me.  I have reviewed a very few profiles, and I find that you all follow a lot of blogs.  This community is such a kind, caring and sharing one.  I looked up community and I found "fellowship" listed, this word fits what is here, doesn't it?  I've always been a loner, not a joiner, arms length type of person.  But I love to teach, just didn't stay in school long enough.
Do you think this would be in the spirit of the award if I would follow the blogs nominated for a while and choose from those?  We could keep it confidential if you would like, just use my e-mail.


  1. Dear Kris, I have awarded the prize to your blog, not for style, nor for the setting of your blog.
    In fact, your blog is low in appearance, but full of lessons and content.
    I thought that sharing is the right spirit, and you share all your knowledge.
    your teachings are useful to the blogger community of miniatures.
    I think the right spirit is not only show off their skills, not just brag about things you buy to enrich your personal collection of minis, but less able to teach others (like me) to learn.
    and you do all this! So thank you for everything you do for us all!
    the premium is deserved, even if you do not follow any blogs of others! :))
    an Oscar for your generosity!
    mini hugs from the bottom of my heart!

  2. I echo Caterina. Your blogs are amongst some of the best tutorial blogs , Kris. I have friends who are very good at what they do, praising your blog and your tutorials. You are well loved :)