Wednesday, May 12, 2010


hi, i am holding fidget so i am typing with one hand. fidget is fine, he is done teething. i did take him out to visit the chickens and one of them managed to peck him in the eye. chickens peck at anything and i didn't catch it quick enough, he's fine. will go out again when he can see better to avoid being pecked.

for the windsor bench i used basket weaving round reed for the "dowels" in the back, that's all i had at the time and it worked. as for the sewing machine cabinet, you should have seen the look on my husband's face when he saw me prying off the wood table that was on it. you see he bought it for me and it was expensive, i assured him i knew what i was doing and it would turn out fine. what he didn't know was that i wasn't sure about how to proceed after the top was off.

i love clarice cliff!! found this pattern in one of my many mini stitchery books. i don't know why i keep buying them, i don't like doing it. the bulletin board is a copy of mine. i took stuff off and reduced it. you won't believe what i used for the push pins, they are from an old dog brush. it was the kind that has metal pins for bristles and are stuck into a rubber base. one of the pins fell out and i noticed that the bottom looked just like push pins, so of course i kept the dog brush for future use. i used to quilt, i still have one i need to finish, my cats always were in the folds as i quilted.

the blue cabinet is one i designed from many i have seen in catalogs and magazines. i had a hard time with the finish, must have done it over 3 or4 times. i did make the quilt, i used a technique call english piecing or paper piecing. this method is tedious, but it makes for exact piecing. i am especially proud of the quilt hoops. i sawed very, very thin slices of basswood and glued them around a form to the right thickness, it's called laminating.

i made the plate rack from wire. i wish i could solder, i glued the wire together and it is fragile. i painted the plates. lisa engler, lisa's little things, i don't think i have that spelled right, is an inspiration for painting them, i think her dishes are so pretty.

the yellow chairs are from a pattern from "The Scale Cabinetmaker", Kitchen Cabinets, Vol. 2. I have put Fidget down to nap. Peter F. Westcott distributes them, 6256 N. 85th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, phone: 480-948-6885. I think they cost around $10.00 per volume. The set isn't too hard. You use the legs and stretchers already made, and I think you can get them from Hobby Builders from the online catalog. Chairs are difficult, but hang with it, let the glue dry and you will be satisfied with the results.

Bozse, that is how I like to make my scenes, just as if someone has left the room. Then you can imagine yourself in the room, all tiny in a perfect spot to enjoy.

Thank you for all of the kind words. TTYL Kris