Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Quilled Project, A Shelf

Hello to everyone, here is another project for you to try.

This is a bathroom room box I made a long time ago. My husband made the box for me.

My oldest daughter, Katie, made the lady soaking in the tub. Before she started college she was quite the doll artist. She had an article in "Dolls in Miniature" some time ago.

The lady has cucumbers on her eyes!

I am going to show you how to make the shelf on the wall using quilling paper.

You first need to make a form for the sides of the shelf. I used 1/4 inch thick basswood. You can use a shape already made that you find in packaging. Sometimes mints come in packaging that can be used. The shelf doesn't have to be my size.
To start I used a circle template, you can use an oval template, too.

I traced a 9/16" circle, just to the halfway marks.

Slide your ruler to the end of the circle and make a mark there and at the 1/2" mark and at the next inch mark.

You see the top half circle, then you see the marks in the middle at the 1/2" mark. Make another half circle at the last marks you made.

There should be an inch between the bottoms of the half circles.

Now, remember this is just the size I chose to make, the size is up to you.

Now, place your ruler on the drawing and match up the middle mark on the drawing to an inch mark on the ruler. Measure 3/8" on each side of the inch mark, make a mark on the drawing. This is where the shelves will go.

I have drawn the scrolls onto the drawing, you will refer to this later.

Cut this drawing out and glue to a piece of 1/4" thick basswood. I don't cut on the lines, I leave paper around the drawing. Using a scroll saw or band saw cut your pattern out following the lines on your drawing.
If you are using something else as a pattern just disregard this.

To keep the glue from sticking the paper to the wood use wax to coat the side of the wooden pattern.

Use 1/8" wide quilling paper and Elmer's glue, apply a little glue on the paper, smear it and wrap it around the pattern.
You don't have to have glue on the whole length of quilling paper, just enough to get you around to the end to secure.

I got my glue bottle from, under "Cool Stuff", under "Quilling Paper Crafts Supplies". I comes with a stainless steel straight pin.

I wrapped my paper around the form 3 times applying glue as I went.

Make one side and let it dry a bit, remove and make the other side. You can put the first side back with the other and let them both dry on the form.

With the markings on the drawing that was glued to the form you can transfer the shelf marks to the paper sides.

I used 1/16" thick basswood cut the width of the diameter of my circle, 9/16". You can use mat board or any thick card board you have.

Glue your shelves into the sides. I used Elmer's Wood Glue. It grabs faster than Elmer's White Glue. That doesn't mean it's like Tacky Glue! I just mean the wood glue is going set up faster than the white glue.
You might be wondering why I am using white glue. It dries hard and stiff, tacky glue always stays flexible. We don't want this shelf to be flexible, we are imitating metal.

Now, we add the scrolls. Cut 4 pieces of quilling paper 1 inch long. These are the top and bottom scrolls.

Use the quilling tool to roll the paper up. In the quilling blog about the paper pottery I explain how to make a quilling tool instead of buying one.

Unroll the paper slightly, place a little white glue on the inside of one of the half circles and with tweezers pick up and place the scroll into a half circle.

Refer to the diagram above for the direction of the scrolls.

Next we are going to make the reverse scrolls that are glued in the middle.
Cut 2 pieces of quilling paper 2" to 2 1/8" long. You can play with the length, it depends on how curly you want the scrolls to be. Measure and mark on the paper 1", it's the middle of the piece.
Use your tool and roll the paper up to the middle mark. Remove the tool and roll up the other end, rolling in the opposite direction this time. Remove the tool.

Slightly unroll the scrolls. Apply white glue to the shelves and the inside of the sides where you see my reverse scroll glued. The scroll will be glued in 4 places.
You can play with the curls with a tweezer to adjust the looks.

For the inside scrolls that are glued to the middle reverse scroll cut 4 pieces of quilling paper 1/2"long.
Use the tool to roll these, again unroll them slightly. Apply glue to the middle of the reverse scroll and place the little scrolls on the top and bottom middle of the reverse scroll.

This is the finished shelf. You can paint it with acrylic craft paint or enamel paint to make it shiny like a metal shelf.

I hope you have fun trying this out.