Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am tired, Mr. Fidget takes up a lot of my time, day and night. He is growing.

I have found a way to copy and paste my patterns and when you print them out they will be the same size, so cool.

I have finished another custom order for a miniaturist in California. It's a special size chaise. I have made one for sale but a little longer. I have the legs to stain and apply finish to, that will take a few days. It is black and grey, very narrow stripes, a piece of vintage fabric I bought from Sandy's Lace and Trims a long time ago. I will put it up on the CDHM site soon.

Here's a picture of the custom chaise.

I am working on a shelf you can make with the quilling paper.



  1. I love it! What a gorgeous, glowing colour, and, of course, your own, usual, meticulous work :)

    I'm glad Mr Fidget is doing well.

  2. Esta genial¡¡¡¡ Me encanta como le quedan de perfectos todos los trabajos.

    Deseando ver el proyecto en la CDHM.


  3. Your chaise is fabulous, so stylish.