Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Picture!

I couldn't resist taking this picture and sharing it with you. Mr. Fidget lives in a aquarium right now. His eyes and ears are still not open and he is a lot bigger than when we took him out of our wall. He does have a big, fat belly doesn't he? He lays on a heating pad to keep warm. I think he is going to start to sleep through the night, at least he did last night! TTYL Kris


  1. He is so CUTE :) I want my own little raccoon also! Not fair :D And I love his little naked tummy.

    Are you going to train him or let him loose later on? Does raccoons do obedience? Or agility? :D Cute, cute, cute!


  2. Que bonito es!!!
    Cuando se hacen mayores se pueden domesticar y hacen caso?
    Precioso, con su barrigita.
    besitos ascension

  3. He is a cutie! I would love to raise one. But its illegal in Georgia to own a raccoon without the proper license. I read the over the summer about someone raising racoons in thier home. Good luck with him. I hope you will keep us updated on him.


  4. He is adorable...we have a racoon that comes and visits at night and last year he even showed up with his family :)

  5. Adorable is the only word to describe him, and he certainly is a chubby little fellow. What are you feeding him?
    We had a couple of little joeys to bring up when I was a kid (baby wallaby/kangaroo). My Dad and brother used to go shooting, we thought it was quite acceptable then. We did eat the meat but the thought of it now seems terrible. The joeys were found in their mother's pouch so we looked after them. They were great pets until they reached maturity and wanted to be with other wallabies, then we took them to the zoo as they were used to being fed.