Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel Craft Kit

Hi Miniaturists!

I was at a beautiful paint and wallpaper store in Edwardsville, IL. Their wallpaper book section looked like a library! I love the little sample paint pots, don't you? On to the purpose of the post: Thomas's Liquid Stainless Steel Craft Kit. I saw this on the self and wished I had had this when I was making the kitchen for the corner cabinet. I used Rustoleum Stainless Spray Paint. Wasn't too happy with it, but I thought that was I had to choose from. The web site is: www.liquidstainlesssteel.com It shows how to do it. My store had a kit that would do a toaster size project, plenty for us. It makes me want to redo the kitchen, but I am having too much fun making the upholstered furniture!

Have to say "Hi" to Lotti, and thank you. Lotti is a miniaturist from Germany. She purchased the navy wing settee from the CDHM site.

My chicks are growing and will be making the transition to outside soon. They won't be laying eggs until late August or September. I cleaned out their pen today and I always put them into a big box to stay in while I clean. They don't stay in it very well anymore. They jump up onto the side and down onto the floor. Today I had about 5 walking around while the others were sitting on the edge of the box. Ginger, the bunny, got involved but wasn't impressed. They didn't care about him and wouldn't move when he nudged them. Then Zeus, my cat, jumped over the door and he was interested in all the movement. Oh, what fun. He was soon shoooed out.

Talk to you all later . . . . . . . . . Kris