Friday, April 27, 2018

Just a note, the blog is late, sorry.  It's on its way with news about Etsy and me.

I have another thing to share from Anastasiia for any of you making battery operated lights, this is good . . . 

Hello! I tried to leave a commentary to one of your posts about battery operated lights, but couldn't for some technical reason, here's what I wanted to share:  Thank you so much for amazing blog! So many great ideas and solutions! I wanted to share my thoughts about lights: you can buy the tiny lights and battery holders on for less than a dollar (for shipping I choose e-packet, sometimes it's free, sometimes about 2 dollars, but it's the cheapest variant for delivery in 10-14 days)! For some projects you may even use lights with tablet batteries, like they do in LED pendants, fake candles and small Christmas toys, also(!) you can use battery operated string lights with 5-20 or whatever amount of lights throughout the entire dollhouse - same LED string light for wall lights, table lamps etc! Or for example, you can put them in tiny holes in the ceiling like in modern kitchens! There are string lights with 10 lights at Dollar Tree (the garden section), you just need to remove the plastic parts covering little lights and it's just 1 dollar. The battery holder that comes with those string lights is a compact size also! They have lights like this at hobby lobby also starting from 5$..
  You probably know all of this, I just wanted to share in case I could be helpful! Thank you!

Pass this on, Kris