Sunday, February 12, 2017

1 INCH SCALE FLOWER POT STAND - How to make a 1 inch scale flower pot stand from paper and mat board.

I saw this in a catalog, it was for holding 3 wine bottles.  I thought it would be a perfect flower pot holder in 1 inch scale.

Nancy's pattern page is above.  Use the directions from the "Things to do, Things to see" list at the left of the blog, "HOW TO RE-SIZE THE PATTERNS" to print to 1 inch scale.  Thank you Nancy!

 These are my two patterns for the forms we will make.  Nancy has drawn your patterns.  The shaded area is what I want you to cut away.

Use two layers of mat board for the form.  Use glue stick to glue the pattern to the mat board. Cut away the shaded area.  If you are using a scroll saw you can glue the two layers of mat board together first.
If you are using a craft knife cut one layer at a time and then glue the two layers of mat board together.

 This is important, use a piece of wax, I have a little piece of candle, to coat the edge of the form.  This wax coating will keep the paper from sticking to the form.

 I use rubber bands to hold the quilling paper to the form.  I buy these from Walmart, they are in the hair doo-dad section.

Use yellow wood glue to glue the quilling paper together.  Yellow wood glue dries hard and stiff.  We want that for our pretend wrought iron.

If you don't have quilling paper on hand you can cut 1/8" strips of paper for this tutorial.


 I've folded my quilling paper in half, that's about 5" long.

Glue it together.

I have the first layer on the mold.

I made two molds so I could switch back and forth, letting glue set for a minute.

I've glued another 2 layers of quilling paper together, I've taken off the rubber bands and now I'm applying glue to the first layer.

 You will glue 3 sets of the doubled quilling paper to the mold, 6 layers of paper in total.

You see I have both of the forms filled and I will let these dry overnight.

Here's my pattern and 2 pieces of mat board for the top part of the flower stand.

 I've glued my pattern to the mat board and glued the 2 pieces of mat board together just like for the first form.

 This is my form.

 Wax the edge of the form.  Be sure to get into the rounded area, too.

Glue the folded quilling paper together with yellow wood glue.

The length of paper for the top form is 9".

 The first layer is in the form and secured with rubber bands.

Starting to glue in the second layer.

I'm using a dowel to smooth into the curl.

I  put the rubber bands on as I go.

Glue on the third layer and let the form dry overnight.

Make two.

Again, you have 6 layers of paper in total glued into the form.

While you are waiting on the top and legs to dry you can make the flower pots.
Print out the patterns on card stock or trace the patterns onto card stock.

Curl the pots over a pencil to help with the gluing.

Clamp your pots and curl the rims.

Glue the first rim on.

Glue the second rim on.  This doubled layer makes the rims stand out after painting.

Apply glue to the bottoms of the pots and set onto a scrap of card stock and let dry.

When the glue is dry cut the pots away from the card stock.

The legs are dry and removed from the form.

The top is dry and removed from the form.

Center the top over the legs and glue them together.  I got the two parts clamped together to dry for a couple of hours.

For the shelves cut 4 pieces of mat board 2 15/16" x 1".

Either glue Nancy's pattern to the top of the mat board or trace the circles onto the mat board.  The circles are 5/8" in diameter.

If you have a scroll saw glue two layers of the mat board together and cut the circles out.
You will have to drill a hole in the center of the circle large enough for the scroll saw blade to fit through.  Remove your blade and place the mat board under the "hold-down".  Replace the blade and proceed to cut out the hole.  Reverse this to move to the next hole.  (I know you all ready know how to do this.)
For those using a craft knife cut out the holes in each piece and then glue the two pieces together.

The shelves have been glued together.  Glue on a strip of quilling paper to cover the edge of the mat board.

Glue the bottom shelf on first.  Center it in the middle of the leg and leave just a bit of the shelf showing on the outside edge.

First side on.

Both sides/legs are on with the shelf.  Let this dry a bit.

I glued one side of the top shelf at a time.  Let this side dry before going on to the other side.

I used the bottom of the curl as a guide for gluing.

Glue the other side.

I sprayed the holder black and painted the pots a clay color.

A "wrought iron" flower pot stand for your patio or sun room.

In the "Things to do, Things to see" list at the left of the blog I have directions for "Geraniums", "Floral Arrangement" (carnations, daisies and leaves) and "How to Make a Faucet Planter and Daisies".  Put a little spring into your workroom with this tutorial.

I will be posting a February tutorial soon.

Have fun, Expand on it, Make it better . . .
Just Keep Making Minis! 

TTUL   Kris