Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's taken me 7 days but I did it.  Can you find it?  I spy with my little eye . . . .

This is why I do the blog.  I love making things, I don't do that much making anymore.  When I made room boxes I made everything and everything was out on my table!

Here it is.

Insides, too.

Judi helped with the measurements and I went online to check out other things.  It might not be all just so but I think it's "good enough for a town this big".  (That's a saying around here.)

I have got to make another to get the step by step pictures.  I did not know whether this was going to work out.  Everything was a trial in one way or another.

This is the bottle I used for the body of the washer.  Look closely, it's the round pills, look in the lower right corner, 100 coated tablets.  They cost $2.48 at Wal-Mart.

This is what I used for the tub inside.  This comes in a box.  It costs 98 cents at Wal-Mart.

I dreaded drilling all the holes in the tub.  When looking online at pictures I noticed no holes.  How did the water get out????  Well, duh Kris, no spinning for centrifugal force, the water drains out, that's why there is a wringer!  So used to modern conveniences.

You will need a piece of wire about a 1/16 inch in diameter.  Black if you can get it.  This is the drain hose.

I explained about this wire in "How to make a faucet planter and daisies" tutorial.  It's house wiring, it is in a white or yellow covering with other wires, it's 12/2 with ground.  Home Depot will have it and you can have them cut you about a foot.  You can use the rest for other projects.

1/4 inch dowel.

This is the glue I used for gluing the plastics together.  I buy this from Hobby Builders.

This is a glue I know you can get at the stores.  Joann Swanson recommends it as being very, very good.  I would try this before ordering the stuff from Hobby Builders.  The reason I don't use it is because it's so thick.

Tooth picks, I have bamboo skewers on the table, too but I think I could substitute with tooth picks.

A couple of little nails and an 1/8 hole punch.

Make yourself a quilling tool if you haven't got one.  Use a piece of dowel and a large needle.  Push the needle into the end of the dowel and snip off the top of the needle's eye.

This is the finish I used, I get it at Wal-Mart.

Tomorrow is Monday and I will begin to make another wringer/washer and take the step by step pictures for you.  I just was excited to show you what I have so far.

TTUL  Kris