Monday, July 21, 2014

I need your help, again????

I want next month's tutorial to be a ROUND WRINGER WASHER, MAYTAG OR SPEED QUEEN.

I want a round washer, not a square one.  It's on legs with the wringer on top.

I need pictures and measurements.

Chrispy Critter has sent me a fantastic idea for making one.  I had wanted to make one for years!!! Just hadn't figured an easy way to go about it, Chris sent me a gem.

I've been on the net and can't get any response, DUH . . ."I'm a miniaturist and I want measurements for a wringer washer."  There are collectors out there (some have buildings full of them) but they think I'm crazy.  I have searched the net for a long time for dimensions.  I've missed out on a couple at used appliance stores around me.  The best thing would be if I could find one to see for myself and measure it.

Does anyone have access to one of these washers?????

Contact me at:


Here's a picture of what I am looking for.

Judi has contacted me, she has one, raised eight kids washing their clothes in it and it still works.  Says  a lot about they way things used to made!!

Thanks to all of you that researched for me!!!!