Friday, January 24, 2014

I need help

I need to be in touch with someone who is very experienced with Blogger.  The forums are are just questions with answers that I don't understand.

Anyone up for helping me on a regular basis?  You must know I do not know about computer programs or any of the names of things to do.

Right now, I am figuring that you all weren't notified when I posted January's tutorial.  I do not know what a RSS feed is.  A kind follower notified me a few posts ago that she hadn't been notified and wondered where I was.  Usually when I post you all just get on at once.  I never knew how you knew when I posted.  Magic I thought.

Also, my adsense ads aren't appearing.  My son had me run a malware program because I had pop up ads all over the place.  He did this over the phone.  He doesn't know anything about Blogger.  I think that program did something to the adsense ads.  I need those because that revenue really helps me out keeping this running, for supplies and such.

Wouldn't mind getting out there more with my information.

If I can't get help I am thinking about just stopping the blog.  I am frustrated and have no resources to turn to.  Tried my junior college and they had nothing.  This click and try method of doing things isn't good for me, I learn better reading directions.  In the old days programs came with books, I read them.  Now, it's just click somewhere on the screen and a window pops up, but just where do I click?

I need someone with real knowledge and willing to stay with me and be a mentor and just help me fix stuff!

You can e-mail me with your experience????????????????  I really want someone with knowledge about this, I am frustrated with suggestions.

Maybe we can get these issues settled.

Signed Muddled in Bunker Hill!!!!