Friday, January 24, 2014

I need help

I need to be in touch with someone who is very experienced with Blogger.  The forums are are just questions with answers that I don't understand.

Anyone up for helping me on a regular basis?  You must know I do not know about computer programs or any of the names of things to do.

Right now, I am figuring that you all weren't notified when I posted January's tutorial.  I do not know what a RSS feed is.  A kind follower notified me a few posts ago that she hadn't been notified and wondered where I was.  Usually when I post you all just get on at once.  I never knew how you knew when I posted.  Magic I thought.

Also, my adsense ads aren't appearing.  My son had me run a malware program because I had pop up ads all over the place.  He did this over the phone.  He doesn't know anything about Blogger.  I think that program did something to the adsense ads.  I need those because that revenue really helps me out keeping this running, for supplies and such.

Wouldn't mind getting out there more with my information.

If I can't get help I am thinking about just stopping the blog.  I am frustrated and have no resources to turn to.  Tried my junior college and they had nothing.  This click and try method of doing things isn't good for me, I learn better reading directions.  In the old days programs came with books, I read them.  Now, it's just click somewhere on the screen and a window pops up, but just where do I click?

I need someone with real knowledge and willing to stay with me and be a mentor and just help me fix stuff!

You can e-mail me with your experience????????????????  I really want someone with knowledge about this, I am frustrated with suggestions.

Maybe we can get these issues settled.

Signed Muddled in Bunker Hill!!!!


  1. I see one ad toward the bottom of the page, is that all that's supposed to be there? It's from Google Ad Services. I don't know how the program you ran would block ads unless it had you install an in-browser ad blocker. What browser do you use? If you try a different one (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox are the top 3 for PC) do you see the ads there?

    I haven't been able to find much about the RSS issue that's not pretty involved and most of it is related to Feedburner. But maybe it's resolved now? I've been notified of your last three posts in a timely manner.

  2. I also got notifications fine and can see the ad in the bottom left. Your tutorials are amazing please don't stop, I've made the chaise longue which was an amazing tutorial so easy to follow and the box room tutorial. It would be such a great loss to the miniature community if you were unable to continue. I would offer my help but I am technically illiterate so would be no help at all!

    much love to you and hoping you sort it out and can continue
    Freya xxx

  3. Maybe this site could help?

    It would be such a shame to lose your blog. I do see an ad at the bottom of your blog.

    There is also MailChip that might be helpful for you.

    Have you thought about changing the layout of your blog, it might make things easier for you to work on.

  4. Hi I know about as much as you do about blogs. Mine is on but I do have a suggestion for lights. I am working now in half scale and quarter scale but I have found LED lights. You can find them at They have railroad items but they carry LED lights for dollhouses. They are great.
    I love your projects. I have a blog at Barbara Del Duco

  5. You can find more info about adsense and Blogger here: It is possible that a setting in your adsense account got disabled. if you go through the steps required to do the setup, you'll find out where the problem is.

  6. i also see an ad down on the left.somuch hope you will find the help you need!!! :) many greetings,Anne

  7. Kris, I think it would be good if someone near to you could help you directly. Since you have over 1800 followers, I have to believe someone is not too far away, or knows someone not too far away. I would volunteer, but I am in Virginia (if you are near bye please let me know). What part of the country are you in?

  8. Kris, I am willing to try and help. You have been so wonderful to share your knowledge with us. My email is

  9. Hi Chris! You have ads! I can see them at the bottom of your blog. And you do come in when you post. It was just that one time when I e-mailed you. It's always better for us computer illiterate people (I'm one of them, you're much more knowledgeable than I am), to get someone to come over to the house. Please don't stop your blog! Everybody loves it so much and you're such a wonderful teacher!

  10. No ads, but getting notice of your postings. I hope you keep posting, I love your posts and you make the world a better place for us newbies!! I am not computer literate or I would try to help.

  11. I saw your notice, I really sure wish I could help you, hate to see your stop blogging. When I did mine and just played around with it. I don't have any real knowledge but I will pray for an answer for you!!

  12. This site is looking great are you all set now???

  13. Your room box tutorial is so stunning...definitely every like these...
    I have a idea we can show spring mattress beds,branded bed in room box.

  14. Kris: I don't if you've solved your blogger problems, but I have a friend who has a fabulous newsletter that gives you all kinds of help. Check out Blogs by Heather at