Thursday, November 14, 2013

This is fabulous!!  I was sent this link via my comments.  I wanted to share this with you.  Can you believe it's card stock?  I love seeing what you all do with the tutorials.  She is from Russia, makes dolls,  Please let her know how well she did.


  1. Wow that is fantastic who would know, or care, that it is made of card stock! I must check out her site. You must feel so please when you see fabulous results like this from your instructions.

  2. Wow indeed! This is awesome and quite a tribute to the "teacher" :-). I"ll use this opportunity to say Thank You for making such wonderful projects accessible to so many.

  3. Dear Kris, We must thank you too for your amazingly clear instructions and photos. They make me feel that I could actually succeed.
    Regards Janine

  4. In advance I Apologize for my English: )
    Thanks for kind words and good mark. If to be honest, I didn't expect such pleasant responses. I am inspired very much by your site. I love ancient furniture and when saw your chair, on the same day decided to follow your instructions, I am glad that I made it perfectly. My chair in bigger scale 1:6. The "wooden" framework is executed from corrugated fibreboard. I painted with acryle, imitation of a wooden surface. Also I varnished all. I used special fabric for a furniture upholstery.
    Thank you that you help people to create wonderful things).

  5. This is what happens when you put talent with a fantastic teacher together. A good teacher always gives opportunity for a student to stretch to his\her highest. Great collaboration!

  6. Hi Kris! You must feel so proud of this "student" of your Fabulous tutorials? The results are incredible and the card stock frame is totally indistinguishable from a harder wood. Not to mention that Her upholstery skills are pretty fantastic too! A+!


  7. Beautiful job on both your parts!