Monday, November 19, 2012

First Apartment, I wish . . . .

This is a picture of "First Apartment".  I am going to show you how to make the clock/radio that's on the book shelf.

Now, if I had really had this apartment in the '70s it would have been yellow and orange with those 1960's flowers all over.  As it is, it's bright enough.  I thought I would try green, but I couldn't get the green the way I wanted.

Always wanted the Eero Sarrinen chairs, did I spell that right?  I made these from little plastic wine glasses.
Remember the record player that that folded up to go inside the case?

This is supposed to be a hide-a-bed, if I were really there you would see the bed part!

On the shelf is the clock radio we are going to make.

I made the afgan, a reminder of home, since I'm away in the big city, doing what I have no idea!

I am writing the project now, it should be up by late tonight.  Kris