Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tribute to Card Stock !

Hi Everybody!
Had to post this picture of the "sleigh" bed I made.  This was a very special order from a long time customer.  She needed a bed for her Santa and she wanted a old sleigh to do the job.  The sleigh is made entirely from card stock.  I cut wood moulds and used yellow glue to glue the layers together, drying on the moulds.  The candle is a "Q-Tip" just like from the Candle Sconce tutorial.  The "Q-Tip" runs through the bottom of the lantern and I added card stock embellishments.  The "glass" in the lantern is an old play lipstick top from my youngest daughter, it's been in my bin for at least 12 years!?  Never throw anything out!  I used a holly punch for the decoration, card stock, 3 layers.  We are going to use that in a tutorial that's coming up.

Got to get back to work or do the dishes . . . . . . . .  Kris