Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Make a Dollhouse Pillow with Ruffle, Part 2

Part 2, the ruffle.

Before I cut any fabric I fold up an 1/8 inch (3mm) hem.  This doesn't have to be super exact just make sure it's even all across.  Press this hem with your iron, and try not to burn your fingers.

For the length of ruffle I use twice the length around the pillow.  My pillow is 1 1/4 inches multiplied by 4, 10 inches.  Or, 32mm multiplied by 4, 128mm.

Measure 7/16 inch from the folded edge.  Make a mark at the beginning and at the ending length.

Measure from the folded edge 11mm and make a mark at the beginning and ending length.

Draw a line to cut on.

Cut on the line and cut it to the length you need for your ruffle.

Apply a sparse line of glue to the raw edge of the hem and finger press down.

Fold the raw edge over, should be about a 1/4 inch, (7mm).  Fold it so that it is almost to the hem on the other side.
Press this with an iron.
Apply a sparse line of glue and finger press the raw edge down.

This is what you should have.

You are looking a the back side.

The bottom is the edge that the raw edge is closest to.


You are going to be sewing the ruffle on with the right side facing you, that's  important to remember.
Glue a little of the end over.  Glue the end that you are going to begin sewing with.  In the pictures you are going to see me sewing, I AM LEFT HANDED, so take this into account.

Start by inserting your needle into a side seam of the ;illow, don't have the thread knotted at the end.  Come out at the middle of a side, pull the thread a bit to hide it.  Take a couple of back stitches to secure the thread.

Now, take a small stitch into the BOTTOM OF THE FOLD of the bottom of the ruffle.  Remember the right side of the ruffle is facing you.  Make sure you stitch into the fold, right in the crease.
A word about the size of stitch, I say small, less than an 1/8 inch (3mm).  More important though is to keep the size even, the same every time.

(Why did the format go wacky?)

Now, insert the needle back in where you started, come out taking a small stitch.

Pull the ruffle close, take another stitch into the crease.  Take another stitch into the seam of the pillow in the SAME place as before.  Pull the thread tightly.

You are going to be taking two stitches into the ruffle and sewing two stitches into the same place in the seam of the pillow.

This shows the ruffle pulled down to the pillow.

Your thread is coming from the pillow and now you take another stitch into the crease of the ruffle.

Take a stitch into the seam of the pillow, this time in new space.

Take another stitch into the crease of the ruffle and stitch into the same space into the pillow.  Pull the thread tight.

Do you see how the fabric is beginning to ruffle?

Remember, you are making two stitches in the crease of the ruffle and placing two stitches into the same place into the seam of the pillow.  If you find that the ruffle has gone flat, then you missed making the two stitches in the same place in the pillow.  I recommend ripping back and correcting this, it really shows up in the finished pillow.
A word about the corners.  Take three stitches into the pillow in the same place to get you around the corner with a nice fullness.

You are looking at the back side of the pillow.
I have gotten around to the beginning.
Cut the extra off, leaving enough to turn on the end to glue a little hem down.  Take the last stitch and make a back stitch or two and bury your thread into the pillow.

Here is the finished pillow.  I used my natural color thread and you can see a couple of my stitches.  If you keep your stitches pulled tight you won't have this.  You can always use matching thread to avoid this.
I hope you try making a ruffled dollhouse pillow.
I am going to be putting the other tutorial up later tonight or tomorrow, the glue has go to dry!   Kris