Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carl's Room

I call this Carl's Room because the little cat inside looks like Carl my daughter's Siamese. I have 3 cats living with me, all grandcats!
I used d.Anne Ruff's chair and ottoman kit. This kit is very good. If you ever get a chance to buy one, try it, you'll like it!
I started with the border at the top. I found this in the scrapbooking isle at Michael's. Ahh, the scrapbooking isle, so many things we can use. Although, I am a little disappointed that they have gone to large punches. There for a while I was getting some wonderful punches for flowers. I am still hoping and looking for an ivy punch. I know Hanky Panky Crafts has the handmade punches for ivy but they are too expensive for me just wanting to make ivy once in a while. So, I am still looking!
Anyway, I loved the border, bought it, and kept it for a long time before I knew how to use it. The rest of the furniture I copied from catalogs. I do that a lot! The fish pictures on the wall are from the catalog. The lamp shade was tricky, gluing all of the pieces of card stock together. I used Elmer's, still the best for paper to paper.