Friday, January 29, 2010

More Followers!

Hi to you all. I have a question, are you on this site because you came from and you are looking for more furniture; or did you find me because you want to make miniatures?
I would like to know because I am considering stopping the making miniatures thing. I do like teaching or as my husband likes to say, "Telling people what to do, how to do and when to do."

I have had my first comment and it was so nice! Thank you "Lady of the House". I know the kind of books you are talking about. I have a great used book store by me and believe it or not they do get in books on miniatures. I have seen the '70's book with the sponge! I left it on the shelf. I have quite a few books that are currently in print if you want to know the titles I will be glad to write them in the blog for you. The best source for me has been the magazines, though. The old "Nutshell News" was the greatest for making minis. So many good ideas and of course Joanne Swanson! Let me know what you would like to do and I would be glad to help you figure it out. Kris