Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Resources

Hi, took a break from furniture making. I just wanted to say that I find the best resources are old decorating books. Look in used book stores or flea markets. My best resource is my Ethan Allen catalog. It gives sizes and of course lots of ideas. I have gone out and measured furniture to get an average on heights, widths and lengths and keep this in a notebook to refer to. Contemporary furniture seems to be bigger in scale. It's confusing when I'm holding something that sized from the 19th century and comparing my measurements of a chair for today.

I've loaded more pics of the apartment. The chair and sofa are what I am making right now to put on the site. I call them my Retro set.

I will talk you through anything else in the room that you want to know about. Post a comment and let me know where you want to start.