Monday, July 21, 2014

I need your help, again????

I want next month's tutorial to be a ROUND WRINGER WASHER, MAYTAG OR SPEED QUEEN.

I want a round washer, not a square one.  It's on legs with the wringer on top.

I need pictures and measurements.

Chrispy Critter has sent me a fantastic idea for making one.  I had wanted to make one for years!!! Just hadn't figured an easy way to go about it, Chris sent me a gem.

I've been on the net and can't get any response, DUH . . ."I'm a miniaturist and I want measurements for a wringer washer."  There are collectors out there (some have buildings full of them) but they think I'm crazy.  I have searched the net for a long time for dimensions.  I've missed out on a couple at used appliance stores around me.  The best thing would be if I could find one to see for myself and measure it.

Does anyone have access to one of these washers?????

Contact me at:


Here's a picture of what I am looking for.

Judi has contacted me, she has one, raised eight kids washing their clothes in it and it still works.  Says  a lot about they way things used to made!!

Thanks to all of you that researched for me!!!!


  1. Excuse my ignorance, but what's a wringer washer?
    Thank you, Rosanna

    1. see the picture above? the laundry is washed in the tub filed with soapy water and washed by an agitator, then you pick up each piece of laundry and wring it out by the use of the wringer to out to squeeze the water out, then put back into the tub that is refilled with clean rinse water and wrung out again to be hung on the clothes line or dryer if you're lucky to own one!

  2. perhaps via a museum of "earlier years/ household" etc?? i will try to find some info and send it to you!! :)

  3. there is one on ebay perhaps they can help

  4. Hello Cris, I found a picture of a washing machine like Italian, the dimensions are in centimeters: 46 cm height x 56 (or 62 cm, depended on the model) in diameter

  5. old Miele ones ( nearly same as your picture) are : height 85 up to 92 cm , and 65 cm diameter.
    The German expression is "Bottichwaschmaschine" :)

  6. I copied and pasted the name you have in capital letters in a google search and found many of them for sale - several on EBay - you could contact any of the sellers and ask for basic dimensions - I understand it would be better to find a machine to measure yourself otherwise details will have to be guessed. Hope you are lucky and find someone who has one.

  7. I found a lot of them on pintrest, I also found a lot of images when I put *1920's Washer* in my search engine

    here are some of the sizes:

    Total Height: approx. 51" ,

    Diameter at top measures: 25".

    Drum is 20" tall itself

  8. Kris I found a guy that will take the measurments he has both models, I sent you an email but better check your spam folder my email is


  9. I have a friend who has one. Email ne if you want any more info.
    Thanks, Nelda

  10. Omg what a nice washer! I didn't even know that they exist :D Kris can you write us back once you get one, I would LOVE to see more photos of it, perhaps a video. Thanks! :)