Tuesday, May 20, 2014

1 INCH SCALE VINTAGE CARD STOCK CANISTER SET - How to make a 1 inch scale vintage canister set from card stock.

I saw this "how to" in a full size decorating magazine using a ready made canister, fabric and Modge Podge.  I thought it may be a quick project to do.
I am sure most of you know how to do what I am going to show but maybe we have some newcomers to the hobby that haven't seen it.
When I was researching vintage metal canisters on-line I saw so many I wanted to make, I could spend a year making one for each month there were so many!

The first thing you need are some dowels.  I used: 3/4 inch, 5/8 inch and 1/2 inch dowels for this tutorial.

Dowels are the easiest shape to find that are graduated in size.

When I was on-line I saw many canisters that used the largest diameter (3/4 inch) for all four canisters, they just graduated the height of the canisters.

From card stock cut 3 strips, 11/16 inch wide, 5/8 inch wide and 9/16 inch wide.

On another piece of card stock measure 1/16 inch away from the edge and draw a line.

I used a pair of scissors that cut a scalloped shape.  You don't have to have a shaped edge, the edge can be left plain or you can use other scissor shapes you might  have.

I used the line I drew to keep my width even all along the strip.

Set this aside for now.

Wrap the strips of card stock around the dowels, trim to overlap and glue.  I used yellow wood glue for this as I do for my paper projects.

I used the 1/2 inch dowel twice for two canisters that size.  Using a smaller dowel for the last canister seemed too small.

Make sure that the card stock isn't glued to the dowels, rotate the card stock to un-stick it.

After the glue has dried a bit I used sand paper to smooth the seam and take a little bit of the bulk away.

I used "Fruit Spray" by Mini Graphics wallpaper to cover the canisters.  You are probably saying, "Why don't you just use the wall paper and not the card stock?"  I wanted the canisters to be sturdier, maybe something a child could play with.

Cut strips from the wall paper the same widths as the canisters.

I used wood glue to glue the wall paper to the card stock canisters.  Rotate the canisters so that they are not glued to the dowels.

Apply glue to the bottom of the canister.

Set this down onto card stock and smooth the glue around the edge.  Let dry.  This is the bottom of the canister.

Apply glue stick to card stock and glue two layers together.

This is the glue stick I use.

Use a circle template to measure the diameter of the canisters with the card stock and wall paper on.

Draw circles on the doubled card stock for lids to fit the canisters.

You will notice I have four sizes drawn, I changed my mind about the largest canister and didn't use it.  It would be good for a cookie jar, it was 7/8 inch.

I am going to use button hole thread to create the rolled edge on the bottom of the canister.

I have a spool of sewing thread next to the button hole thread to show the difference.

Paint the button hole thread to match the background of your wallpaper.

After the paint is dry on the thread use tacky glue to glue it to the bottoms of the canisters.

Here I have the canisters, tops of lids and the scalloped strip of lip.

Use yellow carpenter's glue to glue the scalloped lip to the edge of the lid.

I use the carpenter's glue instead of tacky because the tacky doesn't firm up fast enough, it stays flexible and easy to move.  I don't want this piece coming off as I glue it on.

The lips are glued onto the lids.

Cut a strip of card stock 3/32 inch wide for the handles.

I cut the largest canister's handle 3/4 inches long, the next 5/8 inches long and the last two are 1/2 inch long.

I used my tweezers to turn the ends flat so that I could glue the strips to the lids.  I bent the strips over the handle of a paint brush to round them before I glued the handles on using carpenter's glue.

I made the lids removable, it's fun to have things work like the real thing. You don't have to.  You could glue the lids on just like the bottoms and glue the lip onto the canister.

I painted the lids red at least four times. I then used an acrylic varnish for shine. I gave the lids one coat of that and the canisters at least four coats.

Let the varnish dry before you set the lids on or the lids might stick.

I know this is an oldie but I think it's a goldie!

The weather is starting to warm up, save some time for minis and have a go at making the canister set.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at camceiling@frontiernet.net.

Please, send me photos of your finished tutorials, use the e-mail address above.

Have Fun, Expand On It, Make It Better . . . . .
Just Keep Making Minis!!