Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 I have put the patterns into the tutorial again, there are 4 "pictures" you will have to left click on now.  When they were all on one page Paint would not let you enlarge unless you let it use more paper.  I have also tried my best to explain how to save your patterns in Paint and re-size them.  I hope this helps you.  I am a miniaturist, not a computer specialist so I hope I made it clear.
I did make this pattern twice from the patterns, you should be successful if you follow the instructions.

 Chris has had some problems with the pattern.  You say you needed 5 pieces of foam core for the seat base, you didn't mention that you used any mat board. Did you use 2 pieces of mat board with your  seat base?  Did you glue the front and back to the 2 11/16" sides of the seat base?  The front and back should NOT be glued to the 2 1/4" sides.

I have to say I considered this tutorial for a long time before actually publishing it for this reason. I have to make changes with my patterns often, and I cut my foam core with a saw so there shouldn't be too much difference between pieces.  Miniature upholstering isn't for everybody, there is a lot of making it fit, trimming and retrying.  I would like more feed back on the pattern.


  1. Kris: I think your instructions were great. You said the foam core was 3/16" thick. Perhaps Chris's foam core was a different thickness. The only cardstock I can get here is 65 pound weight so I have to take this under consideration and use I use 3 layers for every two you call for. Maybe she just needs to adjust for different weight "foamcore". - Marilyn from Canada

  2. Hi Kris - I have not tried this project yet, but I DID try saving the patterns in Paint. First I left-clicked (i.e. I "poked" it)on the pattern image in your post, which caused it to display by itself on a black screen and I saved that to My Pictures. I closed the "poked" (enlarged) image and then right clicked on the image in your post and saved that. Then I opened each saved image with PAINT. The "poked" version I saved was HUGE...no where near 1" scale. The right-clicked image is too small...the one inch square is just a tiny bit larger than 3/4".I'm not sure what you mean by "load it into Paint"...is that just opening the image with Paint?

    I wonder if Chris' problem relates to how she is saving and/or printing the pattern set. This is a common problem for me when I print odd sized images I've saved from the internet. Paint does keep the image more true to size (I've found), but that's only when the original image was 96x96 dots per inch. If the original was 72x72 (a common variation) it displays larger in Paint and looks oversized, but if I make any changes to the image and save it in Paint, it is automatically converted to 96x96 and the size changes. If I print the image using Picassa or Picture Manager on my PC, I get a better quality print...but there is no way to print "actual size"; I have to select a standard photo size or "full page", and if the image was smaller than a full page those programs enlarge it to fit a full page.

    All this is just what happens on my operating system (Windows XP) with the version of Paint and Picture Manager and Picassa I happen to have installed. Eveything might work differently on a newer operating system or newer versions of the programs. But the bottom line is that it is often very hard to tell if what you've printed came out the intended size.

    The problem is that the "test" 1 inch square might LOOK like a 1 inch square, or measure close to it, but if it is off by even a very small amount that tiny variation is compounded through all the pattern pieces and it's quite possible things won't end up fitting when they are matched up with measurements that AREN'T controlled by the pattern...such as the thickness of foamcore board, or cardstock, or chipboard, etc.

  3. Kris,
    your instructions are ok, I think she may have a different type of material. I've made this type of sofa before using cardboard and it came out ok (well it would have been better if I had followed the directions to the letter but it was my first time making furniture)

    if her chair isn't high enough she may want to measure a real chair and adjust her material..just a thought

    thanks again for the great tutorials..you rock