Monday, November 19, 2012

First Apartment, I wish . . . .

This is a picture of "First Apartment".  I am going to show you how to make the clock/radio that's on the book shelf.

Now, if I had really had this apartment in the '70s it would have been yellow and orange with those 1960's flowers all over.  As it is, it's bright enough.  I thought I would try green, but I couldn't get the green the way I wanted.

Always wanted the Eero Sarrinen chairs, did I spell that right?  I made these from little plastic wine glasses.
Remember the record player that that folded up to go inside the case?

This is supposed to be a hide-a-bed, if I were really there you would see the bed part!

On the shelf is the clock radio we are going to make.

I made the afgan, a reminder of home, since I'm away in the big city, doing what I have no idea!

I am writing the project now, it should be up by late tonight.  Kris


  1. I lopve this especially the book case and end table. The chairs are super too. How about a tutorial on making the tulip chairs? It's all groovy!

    1. I had the same/similar afgan after they devoriced and after living in an big home my dad built he went to Texas, and me and mom moved into a very small apartment on our own we were now I remember our afgan over the back of our couch and like you it reminds me of home but the best was when our family was still together , although wraped in the blanket on our uncertain future made me feel safe. now with mom gone on home I wish I still had that blanket. thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and cleverness! I appreciate you Kris............Melissa

  2. Yeah, this is all awesome! You read my mind...I need a little modern radio for my newest project! :D

  3. Oh my..... everything is wonderful!!!! I love the sofa and armchair and tulip chairs best but all pieces are great!
    Kris, is there anything you aren't able to reproduce? I don't think so.

  4. Looking forward to the tutorial! This room is fantastic! I love everything in it and especially the whole layout!

  5. Kris, you are so awesome! Thank you so much for all of your tutorials....Gail

  6. C'est superbe ! J'ai toujours aimé cette table et ces chaises qui sont encore et toujours d'actualité.

  7. It's wonderful!
    I like the bricks wall.
    Bye Faby

  8. Your room is wonderful, I love all the "period" details!
    The subtlety of the painted brick wall is perfect, as are the appliances,
    where did you find them?
    Thank you for sharing this great space,

  9. Oh I love this Kris! I was a stewardess (not flight attendant then) starting from 1972 . This looks so much like one of my friend's apartment! I am convinced that my choice of china pattern is the reason my first marriage didn't make it, Fire Flower by Lenox. I still have it and laugh every time I look at it. It would by perfect for this setting! I can't wait for the tutorial. Thanks for the gifts you give us. You are a True Artist. Dottie

  10. absolutely jaw dropping. fantastic. you are so talented!

  11. This is great! So much to see and such detail. Can't wait to see the tutorials. Did you make the TV? Will that be a tutorial some day? Do I remember the record player that folded up? Yep-it's still in my attic ~lol!
    Thanks for all you share with us. I look forward to your new project all month long!

  12. I ran out of titebond too and all they had at walmart was gorilla glue..I dont think I care for it that much but it does the job I suppose.

    thank you for the tutorial, I'm learning quite a lot from you

    Marisa :)

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