Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chip Board

Gosh, this really started something.  My husband started out as a carpenter, now with our mill we are more of custom architectural woodworkers.  We build anything in your house to match what you all ready have.  So . . . I know what particle board, ox board, MDF and all the rest is.  I was thinking that the question was relating to mat board and possibly something like it called chip board, not anything made of wood.  I have seen in scrap booking catalogs pre-cut shapes referred to as being from "chip board"  which I thought was something like mat board, maybe not as refined, smooth.
Anything that is 1/16 inch thick, made from paper and can be glued and sanded would be find for the tutorials I make.  I am not using wood.  TTYL  Kris


  1. Hello Kris,

    What you refer to as particle board in the US, here in the UK it's referred to as chipboard.

    I've been trying to get my head round matt board, foamboard, cardstock and the like. It all depends where you live I suppose!



  2. Kris, here in the US, I use illustration board in place of mat board. It is the same thickness and comes in large sheets like the mat board. It is usually only either white or cream. Much the same results is gotten from both products.

  3. Adding to the confusion...the paper product called chipboard in the USA used to be called "cardstock"or cardboard by many of the miniature books I've seen written during the 1970s. They were specifically talking about the non-corrogated cardboard used to make cereal boxes and such. I wasn't making minis back then, but it seems like it was popular to laminate (glue) several layers of recycled chipboard together and even curve it to look like laminated plywood. It usually takes 4 layers of cereal box to get 1/8" thickness.

  4. We used chipboard in architecture school all the time - it comes in varying shades of gray and brown, with small particles of cardboard pressed into thin sheets. It has kind of an "earthy" look and works great for study models or the ground. It looks more organic than the finished bright colors of mat board.

  5. Hola kris, tienes un blog estupendo del que se pueden sacar muchas ideas y desde luego copiar mucho jeje, yo quiero hacer los muebles de cartulina de la cocina pero no tengo ni idea de sacar las medidas,(esta todo en pulgadas y no consigo sacar la medida) me podrias sacar la medida en cm o en alguna escala?? te lo agradeceria un monton.saludos

  6. Hi Kris

    I just want to make a commenton what you wrote when presenting us with the occational table.

    Ive pretty new in this miniature and Doll House hobby, havent been creative before but/and Im learing little by little...
    I loooove your DIY`s, which help me to lear to be creative. Also because its a pretty expensive hobby.... wow the furniture,items and dolls are so expensive.

    IF one has the $-bills to spend, one can just go buy a doll house and furiture and be done with the project in no time.
    But there`s no fun or satisfaction.

    You wrote:I am always trying to find ways to save money when it comes to my hobby. I like to do more with less.

    That`s exactly my idea and hope too and goes along with the fun etc.
    Thank you so much for sharing, helping and educating me!!

    I can`t waite to see the next item/DIY... and the next...and...

    Thank you and I wish you the very best of everything.

  7. Im excited to see it finished. I wish you all the luck.

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  8. Hi Kris
    I followed your tutorial and I made a cushion shaped mattress for an iron chair.
    I'd love to see it, I leave the link to my blog and I hope you like it, has been easy thanks to your explanations.
    I also want to ask you please, when I work paper and varnish, soak the paper, is as stained as the varnish draft, maybe I need more paper thickness???

    Thank you Kris¡¡¡