Sunday, June 3, 2012


O.K., I found this thing on the net and I am amazed at it.  I knew it existed for manufacturers but didn't know it was available for home use.  This thing makes or "prints" things out for you in 3-D.  How super cool is that!!!!  Of course, it's costs over a thousand dollars so I won't be picking mine out too soon, Ha!  There is a website for people who own these machines, this is where they share what they make.  I found a Kacie Hultgren, she make theater sets, stage sets.  She has "printed" all kinds of furniture.  Go to Google and Google MakerBot, then Thingiverse, Kacie is "PrettySmallThings".  This looks like something an enterprising miniaturist could go a long way with!!!!!
TTYL  Kris


  1. Thanks for the info, Kris. I will look it up.

  2. 3D printing is fun to do but you will need to do a LOT of sanding on the parts. The resolution is not so good on these little units. Even the high resolution commercial 3D printers need a fair amount of sanding and sometimes filler too in order to get a smooth surface.