Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi everyone.  This month I made a Garden Hod, that's what the catalog called it.  I made the first one by scaling the full-size measurements down to 1 inch scale.  It was far too big, I think you would be making clay vegetables forever trying fill it up.  I made another, smaller this time for your vegetables and flowers.
The watering can is from January of 2011, How to make a mini watering can.  It's in the index at the left of the blog and it's in 5 parts.

Keep your pencil sharp and use a new blade in your craft knife.
I used yellow carpenter's glue for gluing.

Cut a rectangle of card stock to draw on.

Draw a rectangle 1-1/8" x 1-7/16"

Measure in from the original rectangle 1/16" and draw a new rectangle inside the one you have all ready drawn.

Use your ruler to measure and mark at 1/16" intervals on the long side of your rectangle.
We are drawing the "spokes" of the basket.
When you have all the marks made use your ruler to draw line to connect the marks.
In this picture I have darkened in every other space past the frame.  We are going cut these out with a craft knife.

I've got all of the lines drawn.

You should have 10 spokes that are not darkened, not counting the frame.

Use your ruler or a steel straight edge to guide your craft knife while you cut out the darkened spaces.

Be careful, don't cut into your frame.

Cut from card stock at least 9 strips, 1/16" wide.  I did this by eye, it's not too important to measure these, they just need to be thin.  These are our weavers.
Start weaving, over the frame, under the first spoke, over , under.  Tweezers help getting the weavers between the spokes.
Begin the next row doing the opposite, under the frame, over the first spoke, under, over and so on.

The weaving is done.

Glue the ends of the weavers to the frame, be sure to turn the weaving over and glue the weavers on the back side.

With a straight edge and your craft knife cut the woven mat away from the rest of the card stock.

Set aside.

This is the pattern for the ends of the garden hod or basket.  Copy it to a program that you can change sizes in.  I have listed the size the pattern should be.  Of course, you could also draw this with a ruler and round off the corners.

When you have your pattern made trace it onto mat board.

Please, be careful and use a piece of mat board large enough you can grasp and move around without getting your fingers too close to the blade.

One cut out, another one to do.

Dry fit the woven mat to the ends.  The long edge will be glued to the ends.  We are going to glue a strip to the top edge so if your woven mat is short this will be covered.

Measure and mark the middle of the ends.
Measure down from the top an 1/8" and mark.

Drill a hole at the mark you made.  Right now it doesn't matter the size of bit.

A "Q"-Tip is used for the handle.

Cut the cotton ends off.

The "Q"-Tip needs to be thinner.
Use sand paper to open the seam.
I start sanding back and forth while the sand paper is wrapped around the stick.
When I get a little bit started I then know where the seam is and can sand there and open up the rest of the seam.

I've got the seam open.

Peel the paper away until you have about 1/16" in diameter.

Cut the extra paper away and glue the seam down.

Find a drill bit that's the same diameter as your stick.

Set the stick aside for now.

Drill into the end, at the hole you drilled before, with the bit pointing up at an angle.

The side of the end that you started your drill bit in is the outside of the basket.

Glue the long edge of the woven mat to the rounded edge of the end.

Remember, the outside of the end is the side that has the lower hole.

The woven mat should fit, but if it doesn't a strip is added to the top of the basket.

Both ends have been glued on.

Cut the stick to 1-5/8" long.

Shape the stick.

To make inserting the stick/handle into the hole I've sanded the tip a bit.

Slip the end of the handle into the hole in one end of the basket.
You will have to slide the handle through a bit to get the other side of the handle into it's hole.

When you are satisfied with the position, glue the handle in.
You can shape the handle more after it's glued into the basket.

If any of the handle is protruding you can sand or cut it off.

Cut a strip of card stock to fit over the top of the frame of the woven mat covering up the ends of the weavers.

I painted my garden hod with Delta's Burnt Sienna, then applied a wash of black.  I added lots of water to the black and brushed it on and dabbed off.  I then sprayed a coat of clear satin finish on.

I added some vegetables I made a long time ago.  I think my tomatoes look awful big compared to those tiny ears of corn!

Have fun trying this out, our little people should be getting out to start their gardens and they need a basket!

Have fun, expand on it, make it better . . . . . 
Just keep making minis!


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  3. I cannot believe this basket isn't real and woven with bamboo or wooden slats! Hard to believe it is made from card stock! You do such a wonderful job with your pieces and thank you for providing the detailed tutorials. Your talent is amazing!


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  12. Great project! It gave me the idea to use your weave pattern to create old-style baseboard grilles in my 1930's house.

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  23. Hi.
    It looks really good.
    But is it possible to write the measures in mm too..?
    It's a little difficult to find a ruler with inches in Denmark.

  24. I'm so glad to have found you ! You are very creative. It is so hard to find accessories to "finish off" a dollhouse at a reasonable cost. I love the creativity that goes with dollhouses.

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  27. Another lovely mini ! A tip to share, I bought some amazing 350 gram Kraft Card from Aliexpress for very little and it is amazing, glue three layers and it becomes wood ! AND its wood color. Thank you for sharing. Stephanie