Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hi Guys,
Checking in on my old favorite rug site, it's changed and they don't have the selection of rugs they used to have, but I did find some useful information.  This defines styles in a short, but definitive way, useful I thought.

Are you snowed in?  We received about a half inch of ice and maybe a couple of inches of snow on top.  The weather people were predicting over a foot of snow, a few days later they said a couple of more inches and just to the south of us they received 8 inches.  I had gone grocery shopping on the weekend so we were good for food and we had drawn water into everything that could hold water.  We have a well and electricity pumps the water.  My  husband wanted to be sure we had enough feed for the donkeys so I had to go out to get feed for the donkeys on the day of the ice, I bought some Diet Pepsi and a big bag of Peanut M&M's for me so I could last through the storm.  My son took me out and he drives an old 1990 Ford pickup, that sounds funny saying 1990 is old, he doesn't have heat so the defrost wasn't working and his wiper blades were awful.  We took a little longer than expected and the ice started coming down and freezing to the windows.  We live about 20 miles out of the city.  He stopped along the way to scrape the windshield. We came to the little town 6 miles from where we live and stopped for gas and checked a car repair garage.  They were open and had some wipers, they even put them on for us.  HooRay!!  We got home, that deserves a Pepsi!
I hope you all are safe and warm, I'm stocking the furnace with plenty of locust logs, it burns the hottest.  Thinking of a wine rack with a marble top for this months tutorial.  I saw it in an old Williams-Sonoma catalog.  Figuring out the ways and hows.

Talk to you all later,  Kris