Pictures: Rose Chaise

Rose Chaise
I am publishing only the pictures of the Rose Chaise to help you with finishing your kit.  You have the instructions to follow along.  These pictures follow your instructions so you will be able to read along while looking at these enlarged pictures.

This kit is available on Etsy, search word 1inchminis.

Please may I ask that you not take my pictures for your own use.


  1. That was great 👍 it will take awhile to make but the way you show it step by step makes it look easier. Thank You for this tutorial !!!! ❤️

  2. I'm glad I could find the tutorial. As I have not been able to reach you for the instruction like directed to do. Not sure why my e-mails are not going through. I have bought your kit but no instruction so this should help me. Thank you.

  3. Could you please help me get printed copies of ypur older posts. I would to make these items for my dollhouse thanks

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. The result is awesome!